Equity in the Hist


At its core, equity is about respect and acceptance; it is vital in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, where diversity is celebrated and all individuals are equally respected. With over 9000 members, The Hist is a very diverse society, with members coming from all backgrounds and with highly varying sets of beliefs, opinions, and experiences. While certainly a virtue, this clash of cultures and lifestyles can sometimes be a source of misunderstandings and conflicts; the role of the Equity Officer is to prevent these situations, and to quickly resolve them if they arise.

The basic standards of behavior expected at Hist events are outlined in the Equity Policy which is found below, prepared by the Equity Officer before the beginning of the session; the document also details the procedure for reporting violations of this standard. The primary purpose of the Policy, as well as the Equity Officer’s primary task is to ensure that the stimulating, thought-provoking debating environment that is The Hist continues to be inclusive and accessible to all – that opinions can be shared without causing offense to anyone involved, and that even the most sensitive of topics can be discussed in a harmless manner.

In simple terms, the Equity Officer is responsible for ensuring that each member of The Hist feels welcome and accepted within the society, regardless of their identity, background, or beliefs. They seek to provide every member of The Hist with equal opportunity to participate in and enjoy the society’s events. Any problems or tensions that arise throughout the year can be reported to them, either by phone, by email, or in person, and will be dealt with in a prompt and resolute manner. Whether it is to make an equity complaint, discuss an upsetting situation, or simply meet with them for a coffee and quick chat – any society member that reaches out to them will receive their help and support, however big or small their issue may appear.

The current Equity Officer is Maria Pachowicz, and she has prepared the Equity Policy for the 248th session, which is below. Her contact details are also contained in the document.