Schools Debating


The Hist organises three main schools competitions throughout the year, two internal maces organised by the society itself and one year long competition organised in collaboration with the UCD literary and historical society. These competitions are held in order to promote debating amongst secondary school students and to help them develop their rhetorical and argumentative skills.

The First of these is the Hist Schools Mace. This competition is held over two days with over forty teams from all over the country taking part. It is organised by the Lib department as a whole. The second Mace is the Hist girl’s school Mace which is an all-girls competition set up to help promote debating among secondary school girls. Though smaller in scale and newer, this mace is treated with equal importance. It is primarily organised by female members of the Lib department with support from the department as a whole.

The final and largest competition is the Leinsters School’s competition, which is held in collaboration with UCD L&H. This competition have over 100 teams taking part and is held over most of the year. Both societies provide judges for the competition, with the location of the Semi-Final and Final alternating between societies.