The Graduates Memorial Building

The  Graduates Memorial Building (GMB) is a neo-Gothic Victorian building, in Trinity College Dublin designed by Sir Thomas Drew in 1897.

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The Graduates’ Memorial Building (the GMB), located just off Front Square, is the home of the College Historical Society. The Building boasts many amenities such as a spectacular Debating Chamber, which has hosted many memorable debates; a Conversation Room, perfect for relaxing between (or instead of) lectures; and the Committee Room, where the administrative business of the Society is conducted.

Below is a description of the rooms located in the GMB.

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The chamber

The Chamber is the central room of the GMB, and the location of all our Wednesday night debates. Entering the imposing room, you will notice the high ceilings, extensive decorations and a large gallery of paintings.

On a Wednesday night, after signing the attendance book, you enter the Chamber. There you will notice a long table down the centre, surrounded by two benches with carver chairs at the top. This is where the Committee and guests sit during meetings. Speeches are given from the ballot box in the style of Westminster. Committee members sit in the chairs to the left and right surrounding the table and benches.

The Chamber also features a balcony and is used for exams throughout the year. Over its lifetime of a century it has featured some of the most renowned and skilled political and media figures of our time.


the conversation room

The Conversation Room is the large room on the first floor of the GMB. Inside you will find lots of plush leather couches around the walls. In the centre is the long table, used for debates and usually covered in a selection of the daily papers.

It is a great place to relax and contemplate, to meet friends or to eat lunch. Daily papers include The Irish Times, Irish Independent, Telegraph, The Guardian and Financial Times. Periodicals available are the Economist, Foreign Affairs and Prospect magazine.

Our weekly receptions after the Wednesday night debates are held in here.


the committee room

The Committee Room is the nerve centre of the Hist where all the preparations take place before meetings. Here guests are entertained before our meetings.

Inside, you will find the presses of our Officers on your left while directly in front of you is the Records bookshelf where the paper recordings of the Society (from 1746) such as the Minutes are stored. Here also is stored the Library of the Society; an extensive collection of over 1500 titles dating from the late eighteenth century.

games room.png


The Games room

This renovated room now hosts a joint library operated between ourselves and the other society. The Resource Room has been developed in tandem with the Computer Room as part of an agreement between the Hist and College.

The Debating Workshops are held here, as well as some Maidens’ rounds, and it is open from 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday for people to study, prepare for debates and make use of our facilities. An extensive catalogue of periodicals and many excellent reference books are a valuable asset to any student or debater. If you would like to use the Resource Room to study or for a group meeting, please contact the Senior Member of the Committee.